Friday, December 21, 2007


The Rosh-Bais-Din & the Rabonim were of the firm opinion that
1) The current certifying agency must be replaced,
2) The restaurant must be kashered,
3) The mashgiach must be re-trained or replaced,
4) Inspections by outside Rabonim / Kashrus-experts.
There was a misleading ad (with wrong facts) in a Monsey publication by someone claiming to be the former Rav Hamachshir-

At this time we were able to ascertain some changes that were instituted to upgrade the kashrus standards. CAMERAS, LIGHT-BOX TO CHECK VEGIES, ACCESS TO ALL AREAS, MASHGIACH DOES THE ORDERING OF SENSITIVE ITEMS e.g. fish, meat, poultry, condiments etc
The KYO owners have dropped their suit against the Rabonim......

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