Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Does the Shwarma king incident surprise anyone? It is most probably more common than you think. Without a SYSTEM, you usually wouldn't catch it.

The "SYSTEM" is missing.
Trained Mashgichim?
Take control Mashgichim?
Full time Mashgichim.?
Mashgichim that check in every order?
In every Hashgocha there are 2 critereas- The Standard of kashrus, The System implemented to uphold those standards.
Many of the blaring headlines "Treif found at this establishment", etc is in most part caused that the critere not in place NO-System.

Many Hashgochas try to have a high standard ( we don't use these products, etc) but their "system" or rather lack of it .........will either not catch the problem or inspite of no-system, the "treif" gets caught.
The Organizational Hashgochas always insist on a full time trained Mashgiach, who also checks in the products, etc. On the other hand, the higher standard Hashgochas at times rely on non-trained part time frum worker as being their eyes. A video camera that you need a technician to review the film is in essence a farce.

As we said previously on the kashrus hot-line "A heimishe hashgocha on a caterer or restaurant withou an OU also, is not reliable" as there is NO SYSTEM in place.

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