Saturday, May 16, 2009

Shechita Certifiers?

There are some new shechita certifiers appearing on the market that we can't recomend.
Rabbi Meshulem Nusen Spiegel-
Rabbi Yechiel Steinmetz- Solomons Beef
Rabbi Yechiel Babad-Natural kosher poultry.
Rabbi Teichmam
MEHADRIN is producing in different plants-ONLY SOME OF THEM ARE ACCEPTABLE- BEWARE!
The Chaburah brand of poultry has woken up and is finaly being replaced by the Kiryas Joel Poultry.
The Chaburah name belongs to Empire poultry, they can still use it as they please.
מיוחד is a new one on the market for poultry (at this time).

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