Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fish Filets frozen-Only with a "SKIN-TAB" regardless of the hashgocha

DAGIM'S PRODUCTS-Questionable kashrus reliability
All of DAGIM's full page ads can't make it kosher.

Dear kosher Certifiers;

All Filet fish require simonim or seals put on in the presence of a qualified mashgiach that is present & checked the fish for "kaskasim".

Some will leave on a skin-tab. The filets that don't have skintabs, should have the

1- inside bag sealed with a choisim.

2) the outside retail box must have the ends sealed with a choisim on both ends (glue or scotch tape itself is not suffecient). Some had a choisim on the tab ends of the outside box, but the inside plastic had no choisim.

The ones on the shelf including especially the ones from China should be removed as they should be declared non-kosher (unless one can explain the rational in Halacha "why not"?)

DAGIM does NOT meet the required criterea of kashrus reliability.

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