Monday, March 01, 2010

היתר ערכאות

NOTE: (A hijacking?)Vaad Hadayonim made new stationery with none of the Dayonim's names listed, a new address, & an additional name of Bais Din Zedek...which is actually a totaly different Bais-Din.

June 25th ‘09

To the Vaad Hadayonim,תוֹדה רבה על ההיתר שׁנתתם לר' נפתלי בסמן ללכת לערכאוֹת

Summary of Events Regarding:

Naftoli Bassman:the Toveah, Yosef .......:the Nitvah

*Yosef summoned to the Vaad Hadayonim ט' סיון ס"ט-

*Yosef signed a Shtar Berurin with the Badat”z Rabinical Court (Lakewood) June 1st ‘09 י' סיון ס"ט -

*A letter was sent out to the Vaad Hadayonim on June 2nd ‘09 relating that Yosef ....... signed a Shtar Berurin with the Badat”z Rabinical Court (Lakewood) י' סיון ס"ט-

*June 5th ‘09, Naftoli Bassman responds to a letter that he receives from the Badat”z Rabinical Court (Lakewood) and agrees to appear at the Badat”z Rabinical Court (Lakewood), he has one request however, that the appointment be scheduled as quickly as possible.

*June 18th ‘09, Naftoli Bassman, contacts the Badat”z Rabinical Court (Lakewood) and informs them about his refusal to appear.

*June 18th ‘09, Naftoli Bassman, contacts Yosef ...... and informs him about his refusal to appear in front of the Badat”z Rabinical Court (Lakewood).
Rabbi Forscheimer says he knows nothing of this HETER-ARKOIS.
Rabbi Finkel says he knows nothing about this Heter-Arkois.

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