Monday, March 12, 2012

ALERT: MICROWAVED-"Meal-Mart / Mon Cousine" may become "treif"

This article appeared 2 years ago-STILL NOT CORRECTED
It is certified by the OU & Nirbarter Rav.

OU-212-613-8241 Nirbarter Rav-718-851-1221

ALERT: Meal Mart & Mon-Cousine open up while heating-DON"T USE in a non-kosher microwave

Some microwaved "shelf stable" meals are intended to be heated even in a Treif microwave, but they may open because of the high intense heat & may render the product non-kosher.

The Meal Mart, Mon cousine ones did not hold up & burst, the LaBriute, kosher Gourmet "& others"  held up completly intact-all of the seals, box, outer packaging.
People have tried the MEAL MART / Mon Cousine ones in hospitals last week and all of them opened, making them not kosher.

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