Thursday, February 04, 2010

"Straus" & other Dairy products in Eretz Yisroel

STRAUS Dairy- Rav Landau, Rav Rubin, Chabad, What would be the Eidahs interest? Salads?

There seem to be numerous kashrus issues re: Dairy products produced in Israel.

Dati farmers of which there are few and far in between, and the numbers are dwindiling. Thekashrus certifiers would like to give hashgochas to only Dati farmers, but there are less & lees of them.

Chiloni farmers,- full time mashgichim, or nichnas vi'yoitzei. How about cameras to monitor some or all of those times. What about the milk produced on Shabbos? Can we allow other chiloni farmers milk to be brought to the same bottling plant based on cameras or another hashgocha that does not have the same standard. They mix the milk together with "BITUL".

Can cameras be relied upon for the Shabbos milking, even when you don't use that milk for the hashgochas productions? Are cameras only an addition to the mashgiach?

Non-Jewish farmers that don't have in the immediate area any non-kosher animals that produce milk.

Non-Jewish farmer that does have those animals in the area. This is easy, a full time hashgocha, monitoring the removal of all of the operated cows, etc

How to deal with the veterinarian operated cows (treif) that must be removed. Who monitors the situation?

There are many more issues of concern that must be addressed by the Kashrus certifier.

It is so complex in Israel, with so many different standards. One must ask & ascertain the hashgochas standards re: every part of the hashgocha of the dairy products.

There are very serious concerns re: above issues. Some are using guidelines or leniencies that you may be comfortable with.

How does one satisfy himself that the Hashgochas standards are implemented in fact not only in theory?

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