Monday, February 01, 2010

TLS-Lakewood Scoop: Encourages eating infested fruits

TLS says eat infested fish & fruits R"L

TLS SITE: Audio of an automated phone call to Lakewood residents this afteroon, urging them to check the Tu B’shvat fruits prior to eating. “Dry foods and nuts must be checked very carefully, do not rely on the Hashgocha on the package” the recoding states. The message also tells residents not to use figs and raisins. Listen to recording for full message. Please note: This message did not come from the Vaad or a Rav as have previous phone messages in the past. As usual, any Halachic questions should be directed to your local Rav, as to what the requirements are regarding the fruits.

THERE HAS NEVER BEEN TO DATE ANY RAV OR ANY VAAD including the Political VAAD that has ever made an automated phone calls to all lakewood residents to prevent consuming infested fruit, fish, etc. (Yudel Shain)

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