Sunday, February 23, 2014

Any Machine Matzos should "not" be used on Pesach

NOTE: The Shteif / Viener machine matzos were not like todays Oven- See Teshuvahs

Reb משה שטרנבוך in חלק ד' דף צ' also seems very concerned about the use of machine Matzos on Pesach.

The ovens commonly used are known as "cracker-ovens". Ther are not at all like the ones that were used years ago which were relativly short ovens, and the dough was in direct contact with the hot stone or metal floor.

A cracker oven is usually some 100 feet long with a minimum of 3 stages. 1st stage is what is called "spring", because the temperature at this stage is low enough that the natural yeast does not die & the dough can rise or spring.
The 2nd stage is a high temperature of short duration, and it gives color to top & bottom. At this stage the interior is still moist.

The 3rd stage is the longest stage of a lower temperature that "dries" (not bake) the interior of the Matzoh.
The Matzos is on a wide mesh and the baking is from the heated air temperature, not from direct contact with the stone or brick oven floor.

Rav Moshe Shternbuch Shlita says that one should not use for pesach any machine matzos, as there are serious concens with the current ovens called "cracker ovens". Rav Yonasun Shteif, OB"M writes in his Sefer that there are very serious concerns with machine matzos utilizing the common machine matza OVEN.

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