Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Pesach-SHUFRAH Cocoa powder "Consumer fraud"?

We discovered the problem with the SHUFRAH Pesach Cocoa powder a few weeks ago. When we noticed the cocoa powder on the shelves we called the OK to alert them to "some" of the issues. They said they will look into it & call me back. They never called back, & didn't return my calls. They were too busy trying to figure out, "what does shain know?, how does he know?, how much damage?, etc
Non (kosher) supervised-Cheap, Chinese cocoa powder? "PRODUCT OF CHINA"?WHY DOESN"T IT SAY on the box ?
IN MARCH 2007, Because of protein export contamination many brands.... Later on, the Chinese government acknowledged that contamination had occurred and arrested the managers of two protein manufacturers and took measures to improve food safety and product quality.

Adding to this saga, about 6,000 Chinese babies are reported to be hospitalised with kidney problems caused by contaminated milk powder. However, the health ministry said on October 15, 2008, that 5,800 children were still hospitalised – six of them in serious condition.
Authorities are blaming dairy suppliers for the food safety scandal that began last month, saying they added melamine, an organic compound, to watered-down milk to fool quality-control tests and make the product appear rich in protein. The symptom caused because of the toxicity of melamine is renal failure, which could be explained by the ammonia that may result from the digestion of the melamine.

Moreover, it is not only milk and milk products that are tainted, but the issue is much wider, which is a point of greater concern.

Although the Chinese health ministry has ordered the manufacturers of biscuits to withdraw the tainted brands from the market immediately, the step cannot be regarded as enough to put curb on the people who are playing with human health and their existence, particularly babies. The scandal has devastated public trust in Chinese dairies, in China and internationally.
The Chinese government is known to act speedily and violently when it comes to puting curb on pro-democratic movement. It’s more than a year’s period since the protein export contamination came into light, but no concrete measure has been put in place by the Chinese government and the bureucracy in order to punish the people who are involved in adulteration for more financial gain and save innocent humans and animals from falling prey to these adulterators.

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