Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Is your beef Minuker properly?

ניקור according to all accepted מנהגים ניקור according to all accepted מנהגים

Many are very concerned about the current status of ניקור in the USA. May we accept in the broad sense, the מנהגי ניקור that was being utilized in certain specific areas of Europe as the standard for everyone in the USA? There are the מנהגי ארץ ישראל which was set up by Reb Yeshuah Leib among others. מנהגי פוילען אשכנז, ספרד וכדומה were some of the accepted minhagim for the majority of those currently residing in the USA.

May one accept or even certify a nikur that is not all encompassing of all of the accepted minhugim? NO!

The מנהגי סאטמר, ציילעם, פעסט, אונגארן were not the same as all of the other countries. When Glatt started in the USA, the only ones that ate glatt were the ones from אונגארן. Now in the USA all of the ones that use glatt are from all the other countries that had different minhagim in nikkur.

There is no justification for the purveyors of glatt &; their certifiers to accept a ניקור that does not encompass all of the מנהגים. It is interesting to note that the Satmar butcher stores (who are the only ones that perhaps could have accepted that type of nikur), yet they do not accept the ניקור אונגארן.

The parts that have an issue of Nikur chelev are;

Short plate, back ribs, breast, chopped meat, skirt steak, hangers, Tenderline, (ox-tail should not be used at all), Rib eye steak, Rib roast large end, Back ribs, Rib eye, Cholent meat

The parts that don't have a chelev issue are;

chuck eye roast, French roast, arm pot roast, cross rib pot roast, blade roast, 7-bone pot roast, flanken style ribs, short ribs, boneless shoulder pot, boneless top blade steak, Brisket, neck, shoulder, shank, arm,

chop meat/cholent meat from these cuts.

The "Shimon Mendelowitz" nikkur encompasses all of the accepted Minhagim.

Rockland Kosher aka Shoppers Haven's nikur encompasses all the minhagim.

Can any the certifiers justify utilizing minhugim in Nikkur that was not accepted in the Countries that all of the consumers originate from?

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