Thursday, July 08, 2010

SKS-Kosher grape juice from China? MATZAV published it as if one may rely on the kashrus- a shandah!

Even though Matzav.Com made a big splash about the upcoming unaccetab;e grape juice from a kashrus vantage point.
Our research concluded that one should not rely on the SKS hashgocha at all, especially from China. Last we checked the Israeli Rabanut does not accept SKS for import to Israel.

WHO IS "SKS" KOSHER? see the videos of Rabbi Dovid Moskowitz, SHLITA

Kosher Grape Juice From China? Posted Jun 30 2010

Dozens of rabbonim, kashrus inspectors and kosher food professionals from the Vaad Hakashrus recently gathered together with the revered leader of the Badatz Av Beit Din Shatz of Ashdod, Israel in Shanghai, China, for a unique forum sponsored by SKS (Shatz Kashrus Services).

SKS's chief kashrus supervisor, Rabbi Dovid Moskowitz, who has created a state-of-the-art supervising infrastructure for dozens of commercial food manufacturers, food ingredient producers, pharmaceutical and health food companies across China, briefed the group on forthcoming summer production efforts, as well as the challenges that await his staff of professional mashgichim.

Topping the list of challenges is an intensive effort to find a "kosher solution" to producing a line of grape juice in China. According to Rabbi Tzvi Mendel, who heads SKS ingredients division, several kosher food importers have requested that SKS explore the possibility of developing the grape juice line, based on growing consumer demand for grape juice products.

Rabbi Mendel is currently preparing the necessary groundwork for a line of high-quality grape juice made in China. An announcement from SKS on this issue is expected shortly.

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