Monday, August 23, 2010

Does it pass the litmus test or even the smell test? (welcome to Lakewood)

Senator Singer allegedly has been setting up corruption schemes in Lakewood, which can entrap Township Committeemen, CEO'S, Vaad Members, etc. The schemes are unethical, shameful & most probably illegal as well.

The history of the Blue Claws stadium and it's unbearable burden to the Lakewood Tax payers.  Senator Singer allegedly was in the fore front to bring the Blue Claws team to Lakewood. The Senator was in the forefront of the Stadium, even though he wasn't in the majority. Senator Singers denial doesn't carry any weight, fact V. fiction.

In order to get the Blue Claws approved without opposition from the Yeshiva [VOTERS] religious community, Senator Singer allegedly devised a scheme to "make them an offer they can't refuse". The offer was Cedar bridge Corp Park.

Cedar bridge was put up for open bidding for a "high tech Corp park". The bid proposal was designed and worded to make sure that only a prearranged bidder can meet the criteria.

The contract gave a 35 year tax abatement to the proposed developers.
The contract was flawed in every shape with no protection for the Lakewood tax payers. The cost to the developers was zero, "a gift" in all practicalities.

The Cedar bridge developers were able to sell off (behind the Lakewood tax payers backs) part of the property for some nine million dollars. The Lakewood tax payers should have received those dollars. Where is that money? where did it go to? When in doubt follow the money trail.

In the past 10 years, the Cedar bridge developers were not able to attract any development to the Corp Park, it was flawed from the beginning.

The Cedar bridge Corp park has a value of over one hundred fifty million dollars and it should revert back to the Lakewood tax payers. Lakewood can sell it in parcels to the highest bidder. Lakewood currently is indebted in bonds to the tune of 50 million dollars, which can and should be paid off in its entirety.

We question the ethics, the legalities, of taking from the tax payers without just compensation a property of such magnitude. They even allegedly used illegally UEZ funds for infrastructure of the property. Those funds should have been used for more legitimate purposes.

Now The Senator, Township Committee, NJ State agencies are allegedly contemplating a back door deal to change the zoning to multi use including residential, commercial, etc which would almost double the value.

Cedar bridge was bid as a High Tech Corp park, it never happened- it must revert back to the Lakewood tax payers.

This was all done to get certain individual elected.
In the event that the Township committee decides to proceed to change the zoning and or not have it revert back to the taxpayers, there likely may be a court challenge. The Court may decide to have the entire history of the Blue Claws and Cedar bridge park investigated.

With the latest Court rulings, the Town officials can't hide behind their attorneys and claim innocence.
Does it pass the litmus test or even the smell test?
Is Hanky-Panky more like it in Lakewood?

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