Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Eidah?

3. Perhaps I can enlist your assistance. As I reported earlier, I went to the folks at the Eida Chareidit to pull off the “Eida Chareidit” sign from the store sign of Mamlechet Halva (also shuk Machane Yehuda).

I was promised that this would be done in an expeditious fashion, but I report sorrowfully that as of this morning. No change. This is where you come in. Please, call the Eida Chareidit office (02-670-0205) and ask why the teudat kashrut is not on display.

If you are told the place does not have an Eida hechsher, then ask why no one is removing the “Eida” sign from the two stores operated in the shuk by this fellow, duping thousands of shoppers (at least) every week. Remember, the phone calls worked and compelled Agudat Yisrael to replace its hechsher in the shuk, only two years after expiring, and we can hope that sufficient phone calls will compel the Eida to makegood on its promise to remove the illegal sign as well.

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