Monday, October 12, 2009

*How common is "slotting-fees" aka payoffs in kosher?

In the Supermarket chains there is what is commonly known as "slotting fees", which is a fee charged to get your product on the limited shelve space.

In kosher it is almost becoming the same, just the only major difference is, now it's the kosher certifiers are out there looking for "slotting fees" if you want your meat to be "approved".

Rubashkin / Weismandel has been doing it for years.  We hear now that the other Glatt purveyors say they can't get into the door in certain areas including Lakewood unless....they pay off.

The LA based Heart K among many others had their hand in the till for a long time (per pound).

 A Vaad in Flatbush is considering that type of income as well, claiming it's really "you want my Hashgocha" blah, blah, blah.

The gullible consumer is paying for it & not even getting kosher acceptable meat.

ALLE / Meal mart didn't take care of Reb Ahron's (Monroe) head of their Texas Shechita, so they said a "firedikah" drasha that mi get essen neveilus u'treifus. Yesterday, Second day Chol-Hamoed- rav lichtag spoke in Satmar Bais Medrash about the Shechita-Check it out.

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