Tuesday, May 31, 2011

J & R and R & S (brown bros.) PRODUCE- distributer are machshil harabim

J & R Distributors, and R & S (brown bros.) distribute prechecked vegetables. When certifiers have their mashgiach check the produce in the warehouse and find it infested, they do not allow their yellow stickers to be affixed.

J&R and R7S (Brown Bros.) takes the infested produced and affixes other kosher certifiers stickers (usually green). J&R and R&S knowlingly knows that he is putting on kosher certification on infested produce.

Therefore "al pi halacha" it's not permitted to purchase any product from J&R or R&S produce, as he is a "hoi'tzei-neveilah-mitachas-yudoi".

The VAAD of 5 Towns is aware of it and they unjustly allow J&R & R&S to continue to deceive klal yisroel, they are a party to the crime.

KAJ & R' Gruber & % Town Vaad are also allowing this to go on & are a party to the crime.

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