Monday, January 31, 2011

Shopping updates: Beef & poultry.


Rockland kosher (Shoppers Haven)
Agri only with Tartikuv hashgocha, 
Alle North America only,
Continental Canada
Kiryas Yoel-Texas.

NOT reccomended-
Agri w/ Meisels,
Solomons w/ Steinmetz only,
 Tevyas w/ Weismandel,
Avis Glatt-Rav Gornish hashgocha
Lamms may be yeshivish, but it's not for Bnei Torah.

Tevyas- is from fiddler on the roof (sholom aleichem) not reccomended.
Recomended- Pella Franklin, Kiryas Joel, Mehadrin/Vineland.

NOTE: Empire, Malchus, kosher valley is all one and the same, it's only a different label.
Kosher Village in Lakewood reccomended, Alle, Fishel's, Solomons.
Shloimy's in Lakewood is not recomended.
Glatt Mart, Avis Glatt in Flatbush are not reccomended.
NPGS Lakewood do not rely on any Bais Yosef.
Do not use Elyon Marshmallows w/ beef gelatin.
Any product with Elyon beef Gelatin
Do not use any raisins that are sundried or oven dried
Strawberries- Fresh/Frozen even w/ Hashgocha must be peeled or blended.

The Clover valley "vegetable oil" is reccomended, available at DOLLAR GENERAL stores, don't use the Canola or corn oil.

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