Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Carmel wine is free from "wheat paste"-Kedem's Barron Herzog Barrels may contain Chometz Wheat paste?

Carmel wines do not contain "wheat paste" in their wine barrels.
Kedem, Baron Herzog, Etc  barrels have "Wheat -paste" which is chometz. It is used to seal the top & bottom parts of the barrels. The wheat paste is visible in the barrel and it comes in direct contact with the wine. Carmel  always has a mashgiach by barrell production to make sure they don't use the Chometz paste. Note: The Tzelemer certified wines do not use any barrels.
It's alledged that Kedem in Marlboro NY & In the California operation do use Lubavitch workers, therefore according to the Gedolei Haposkim Rav Eliyashev Shlita יינם אסור

The Eidah Jerusalm made a production at Kedem. They kashered the equipment, they had some of their own mashgichim & staff, they did not use all of the standard ingredients, e.g. concentrate. Some of the methods were changed to accommodate them. We don't know if the Eidah took anything that was aged in Wooden barrels

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