Monday, November 22, 2010

Brocolli, Cauliflower, Strawberries with the EIDAH's hashgocha

There is now available in Eretz Yisroel Broccoli, Cauliflower & frozen strawberries with the Eidah's hashgocha. For the past few months there were no broccoli or cauliflower as it did not meet their stringent standards. They now settled for a "good enough" standard. It was produced some 3 months ago in Ecuador. We were told by the grower on Oct. 26th, 2010 that the eidah will be taking product in 2 weeks. I guess it didn't happen because it doesn't meet the standards of even "good enough".

But in the USA we must use even the good enough & the not good enough as well. WHY?
Is there any brand of Brocolli, Cauliflower, spinach that is reccomended? NO!

Their frozen strawberries list "should be rinsed lightly", how can one rinse frozen strawberries, it will all disintegrate? They missed the boat on that one as Strawberries are an infested product that can't be cleaned properly. The only acceptable methods of using strawberries is to either peel the entire outside, or to blend / puree & then cook/bake them as appears in the letter from Rav Moshe Vaye, Shlita with the approval of various poiskim.

It's not reccomended at this time to use the Eidah's frozen strawberries with a mere rinse, it must be pureed, etc prior to use.

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