Monday, November 22, 2010

Frozen diced onions.newly updated

The Satmar Rebbe, Reb Yoel Teitelbaum, OB"M when asked re: food kept under a bed, he responded that by things that are "ossur mishum sakonah" I don't rely on any tzirufim, kulahs, etc.

The Frozen diced onions being sold with a disclaimer, "no problem of linas-lai'lah" ,Onions left over night without the peel.

What method is being used to avoid the problem of peeled onions left overnight? They blanch it or pour hot water over them, is that suffecient according to all? NO!

Reb Moshe Feinstein, Z"L, told me that one must put some salt / sugar / oil, and you should be able to detect it's taste. Reb Moshe stated also that it's insuffecient to just sprinkle some salt on top it must be on the entire batch.

Rav Shmuel Wosner, shlita says it's not suffecient to blanch them.
Eggs are also cooked and it's still ossur, Eggs aren't sharp & it's still ossur.
The onions are peeled not mixed with anything.

If it's cooked, then according to the Minchas yitzchok & others it would need "bishul-yisroel".

in response to an email
Subject: Re: Peeled Onions -Reb Moshe's teshuva I discussed with Reb Moshe.

Reb Moshe told me that his teshuvas are all written for that one specific case, if anything in the slightest is different it may very well change the teshuva.

BMG used to cook & peel the hard eggs for shabbos on Thursday afternoon, make the chopped liver Friday morning. Reb Moshe told me (I was the manager of BMG at the time) tell Reb shneuer that it's ossur to use the eggs even if it's a hefsed mirubah for the yeshiva.The must put either salt, sugar or oil, not just on the top, but mix it all up and you have be able to taste that something else is present".

I asked Reb Moshe about his teshuva on eggs for bakeries.

It was asked by a "kloizenberger chosid" that wanted an issur on all of the bakeries using opened eggs, which he refused to asser (Rav Wosner also refused to asser) I asked Reb Moshe why didn't you write to put salt etc like you told me by BMG? He responded the questioner wasn't looking how to be able to use it, he only wanted it assered. Then he added after the teshuva doesn't mean that you have to buy the items with those eggs, but I can't say an issur for them to do it & the quantity they need in the morning, I don't know if they would listen. The BMG Yeshiva, it's a quantity that they could do the same day, or put salt etc.

Yudel Shain

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