Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kosher Chinese Express- ??????????? Is it kosher for you?

There is a Chinese take out on Route 9 south near Lakewood. We used to give the Hashgocha there together with the OK Labs (we brought in this account to the OK). The refrigerators & gas lines were locked and sealed by the full time mashgiach.
We caught them bringing in unauthorized items. They brought them into the store in various dubious methods. Therefore we were forced to take away the keys from the owners from the outside doors as well.  

They constantly tried using unchecked infested vegetables. They were very uncooperative with the Mashgichim. The OK decided to allow the Chinese owners to have the keys to the outside doors, even though they were caught numerous times smuggling in unauthorized items. At that point I pulled my hashgocha. All of the ones that were concerned about kashrus stopped patronizing the chines store.

After the employees threw vegetables at the Mashgiach & other episodes, the Mashgichim complained to the OK to no avail. The OK responded "it's lean times, we can't drop a hashgocha". The mashgichim quit. The OK put in some others, but you get the drift. Take your kosher business elsewhere.

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