Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Shlomy's Lakewood butcher?????????????

Shloymy's butcher in Lakewood was always geared to the Hamoin-am, not yeshiva leit standards. Price is and was always the kashrus standard.

The TEVYA'S BEEF (fiddler on the roof) was never a recommended kashrus standard, regardless of the Hashgocha (or in spite of it).

Tevya's is a Rubashkin beef, a concern. Tevya's is certified by Rav M.M. Weismandel, another concern. Don't believe their ads or assurances regarding the "kreisim treif issues".

If it would be true even remotely, the Eidah would be doing a shechita in Uruguay as well.

All South Uruguay, etc beef is a concern at this time.
Check what beef is used for deli, cold cuts, salami, hot dogs, etc.

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