Sunday, December 19, 2010

What are we "chopped liver"? re: Kashrus in America

Why do we have to accept Uruguay beef that the Eidah in Eretz Yisroel wouldn't accept due to serious kashrus issues?

Why do we have to accept prechecked Brocolli & Cauliflower that the Eidah in Eretz yisroel wouldn't accept due to the level of comfort of infestation?

Why do we have to accept a Nikur that was the minhagim of the areas of Satmar, Puppa, Pest, Tzeilim?- when we should have a nikur that encompasses all of the minhagim of the kosher consumers including Minhagei Eretz Yisroel.
Why do the Israeli Shechitas including even the Rabanut has a larger crew than the American shechitas especially in the South American Shechitas?

Why do the Shoichtim & Mashgichim at American Shechitas feel under pressure and intimidated, not so the Israeli shechitas?

Why are American hashgochas set up with Heteirim and bi'dieveds, and the Israeli ones are set up with li'chatchila?

Why do we have to accept frozen strawberries with a hashgocha, when in Eretz Yisroel it's only acceptable to be used after pureeing & cooking or baking? (due to the fact that srawberries can't be cleaned)

Why do have to accept olive oil (which is commonly adulterated) without a Mashgiach from the crush through the packaging? When in Eretz yisroel including the Eidah wouldn't accept it.

Why do people accept Cholov Stam / Akum without removing the treif cows (due to veterinary procedures),? when All of the major poiskim including Rav Eliyashev ruled that it's a definite treifah. (regardless which procedure is used).

Why do we still accept many of the wild grown fish including herring that has the anisakis worms,? In Eretz yisroel the Eidah removed them all from all of the stores.

Why do we have to accept palm oil products without a hashgocha from the loading on the ships till delivery to the ultimate detination? In Eretz yisroel all of them only use the palm oil supervised throughout the entire transport till the ultimate destination.

Why do we have to accept NY wines & Grape Juice that the Eidah for their production kashered equipment and put some of their own mashgichim and did not rely on the system in place? They also did not allow the addition of the concentrate.

Why do we have to accept sardines or other fish prroduction without a full time crew of qualified mashgichim,? In Eretz Yisroel the Eidah & others require full time mashgichim even by sardines.

Why do we have to accept wines that have mashgichim or workers that "yainum u'shechitusim is ossur"? Eretz Yisroel doesn't allow it.

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