Monday, November 01, 2010

Would you feel comfortable eating at such an establishment?

A caterer who is a BT. His so called Mashgiach temidi (Temidi may be his last name) is the full time baker. He bakes and does other physical labor for 14 hours per day. One thing he doesn't do is be a full charge Mashgiach. The mashgiach doesn't check in any of the orders, and doesn't have any time to check on anything else in the kitchen.

The actual chef is a Conservative Yid. The chef turns on the fires, checks eggs when the goyim aren't available (the goyim get paid for every bloodspot- the consservative jew doesn't get paid for blood spots). The chef checks vegetables for infestation.

They bake their parve cakes, chalas, etc on real fleishig sheetpans, with a paper liner. Yes, the parve items do come in contact with the actual sheet pans. They bake the parve ingredient items  in a Parve oven- if it's still parve.

Bourekas filling has fleishig onions, cut with a fleishig knife, fried in fleishig utensils, yet the fleishig bourekas with a parve dough are baked in the so called parve ovens.

Is anyone eating the fish with the fleishig chalah (baked in a parve oven)? Is anyone drinking a dairy coffee with this caterer's cake when there is a dairy affair?

The caterer claims to be Yoshon, he's not certified by his kashrus certifiers as Yoshon, nevertheless he claims to be yoshon. When checking the facts on the ground, some items are but no one in the place knows anything about date codes, etc.

The caterer was asked one time "can I see your flour sifter"?, sure, and he brings out a lukshen strainer. I don't know which insect doesn't fit through the large strainer holes.

He'll have a few bags on top with a better hashgocha on the pre-checked vegetables, but the bottom bags are all without a reliable hashgocha.

The catere has all the keys, he can & will bring in and use anything he wants to. What are all of these small plastic containers in the frig? Ah-ah!

Frying vegetables in a fleishig deep fryer, to be used on the fish course?
So there really are NO parve utensils, knives, mixing bowls, grinders etc that are parve.

He usually opens the kitchen at 10:00 AM, he lives 10 minutes from the kitchen, yet he only is seen at shul on his block only on Shabbos. ????
This is only for starters, but you get the drift of it.

Remember, it's under the Hashgochas of 2 (respected) highly strung Organizations. I guess both don't know much about food service, but on paper they look good.

The Catering hall is located in a very yeshivish area. Because of the Hashgochas (who don't have a clue to foodservice hashgochas) everyone eats there. R"L

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