Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Consumer kashrus ALERT: Is the "BAGEL" really dairy (milchig)????????

The famous bagel with the hole in the middle, is it really dairy or only considered dairy? Can one eat it with meat or at a meat meal?

Actually one may not bake bread that is either dairy or meat. There are certain times when it is permitted, e.g. size, shape, etc. All of those are not relevant to the "Bagel".

We became aware that in Eretz Yisroel some bagels are actually "dairy". This is even in the respected Hashgochas as well.

Putting it on the bag that it's dairy is not sufficient. A bagel or any other bread should NOT be made dairy at all.

There is a big difference if the bagel was made as a milchig bagel or it may have come in contact with something milchig in the store.

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