Monday, December 06, 2010

Kings Highway Glatt

The Vaad of flatbush has been certifying the establishment for the past 20 years +-. Kehila Kashrus has been certifying the establishment as of late, 10 + years. The Vaad of Flatbush claims there were kashrus issues that were reported by the Mashgiach to Kehila and not to the Vaad. The Vaad's rep was in the premises on a weekly basis, the Mashgiach did not make him aware of any issues.

The Vaad, Kehila & the owner had a few meetings to resolve all of the issues and to institute certain changes including the abusive atitude the Mashfgiach had to put up with according to the Vaad. At The Meetings,
the owner was very disrespectful and physical abuse (saying it mildly) to the Rabonim of the Vaad to the point that it was a violation of any kashus standard to continue the certification at that establishment.

Kehila nonetheless decided to make some changes and remain there utilizing the current Mashgiach. The Vaad felt that a Mashgiach that is represnting a dual agency in certification was obligated to notify both of the of eery infraction or issue.

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