Thursday, December 02, 2010

RICOLA candies-should obtain a reliable kosher certification! (& eliminate glycerin, if any)

Ricola candies used to be made alledgedly with some non kosher ingredients, They needed the lard so the candies don't stick to the machine. Ricola candies sometimes has a kosher certifier Hashgocha albeit not a very reliable one, and sometimes no Hashgocha at all.

The big question remains, when they don't have the hashgocha, is it because they are alledegedly using lard among other ingredients? If that's the case, should someone think of using the Ricola when a hashgocha appears on the package?

I heard that some other Rabonim are looking over his back re: Ricola - We are very impressed.  What's that called russian roulette?

If the kosher consumer wouldn't buy them, the stores wouldn't sell them, or should it be the other way around-The stores shouldn't sell them.

Some stores have stopped selling them.

It's about time that Ricola should obtain a proper reliable kosher certification.

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