Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kashrus Alert! What's in or out for "chami'shah osur bi'shvat" 15 days in Shvat?

"Hisachdus-CRC" list (sponsored by Klein's nuts?-a coincidence?), contains erroneous & unreliable information & should not be relied upon!

Dried figs- are out due to infestation "regardless of the kosher certification". You need a lot of expertise to check, it's very camouflaged.
Papaya- If it's "ha'eitz" it's "vadai-orlah" and can't be used at all.
If it's "ho'adomah" it doesn't belong in the mix.

Raisins- Most are infested, very complicated to check.

Strawberries- Cutting off green w/ sliver of fruit, peel the entire fruit or Washing 3 times in soapy solution, & rubbing well all over then rinsing, & puree.

Cashews-Low end ones may be infested, split open & check.

NOTE: There are may prepackaged packages left from last year & they may be infested, old, rancid, have mites, etc

Buksa aka Carob- very often has milbin (mites).

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