Monday, July 14, 2014

Corn on the cob (frozen,Fresh, cooked,Microwavable) all infested.

UPDATE: Calif. delight W/ Hisachdus?

Rav Ekstein removed hashgocha.
Corn on the cob, is known to be infested, including the frozen ones.
 Even if it's soaked and salted.

Are the ones from Mexico, Thailand, any better? [No]

Does a Heimish Hashgocha  help to elminate, not just minimize the insects? NO
Bottom line, (frsh & frozen, cooked) Remove the kernels & rinse.


Anonymous said...

A couple years ago you made a tummel against Burich Teitelbaum baking matzos in Romania with no mashgiach.

Someone tells me his shvogger was sent there as mashgiach. So you might not like that goytas were doing all the work but it's not true that there was no mashgiach.

Yudel Shain said...

oh! someone told you that his shvuger....

Let's have the details,
What year??
Date he arrived?
Date he left?
Was he the only mashgiach?
What date did the bakery open for operation?
Did his shvugers wife go with him to Rumania?

BTW- My information was very accurate "as usual".

Anonymous said...

The only information I have from speaking to my source the first time is that his shvogger the mashgiach is an older bochur. My source & his wife are from KJ Satmar mishpochos.

I will try to find out more.

RMG said...

What does this have to do with corn?

There is a process where the corn is sprayed with ammonia and then blasted with a high pressure hose that goes between the rows. The ammonia kills anything that is there and the high pressure hose either blows off the insects completely or blasts them into smithereens where whey are batul b'shishim.

This was developed by a person who was blasted by R'Yudel, not on actual facts, but on rumors that were unsubstantiated. He has no problem showing this process to reputable Rabbinim, but refuses to show it to anyone that has anything to do with R'Yudel.

Anonymous said...

If he was blasted by Yudel shain, it must have been based on facts.

The guy may tried selling the Brooklyn Bridge & yudel uncovered his scheme. It's not the first time, & i'm sure not the last time.

Ammonia, High pressure, etc & only the bugs are smitherined not the corn kernels? The kernels look in excellent condition- tell it to the gullible.

Is he looking for investors for his patent?

Dirty-Kleen Farms said...

Sounds like when one of George Gross's cronies was boasting to everyone about a supposed secret method to remove leaf miners from the middle of stalks and even bugs from under strawberry seeds.

Years later it is apparently still such a big secret that no one seems to know about it.