Friday, February 18, 2011

Rav issues second letter, but refuses to accept responsibility for "insects".

It seems that the Hashgocha "missed the boat" (a second time) re: 2 types of insects in sardines-both are ossur!

Kenover is the parent company of Gefen- phone # is
718-369-4600-call them now.
call them to recall the sardines
Remember the Shufrah Pesach cocoa episode? Chinese adulterated?
They didn't recall that one, nor did the OK Labs reveal the Lab results.
Shufrah is a Kenover company.

Remember Pesach is around the corner, whom would you trust?

UPDATE: Gefen sardines will be re-labeled "Glicks" (another Kenover name). The recall was on Gefen, naareshe consumers! Remember Glick's pesach potato chips that had pretzels in the bag?
Gefen Barley is also infested, no recalls-Where's the kosher certifiers?

Gefen did not remove their RAISINS from the market! Raisins are infested!

Kenover- home run!

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