Sunday, February 13, 2011

Are all heimish Hashgochas equal?

Note: Remember 3 years ago the "Rumanian" pesach matzo episode!

One certifier that refuses to take any responsibility for "infestation" is the Certifier of Gefen.

The recent episodes by "Gefen-Sardines", Krill were found in the product (besides the disgust of cooking krill with sardines), there should have been a recall, instead the certifier put out a letter that the consumer should remove the guts & krill, etc from the cooked product. [consumers you read it right, no typo]
Another episode of infestation by Gefen Sardines were the Anisakis worms found in some of the Gefen sardines, Gefen & the kosher certifier refused to address the issue nor to make a recall, instead the "OU" put out a letter that a customer may return for a refund, "no recall" what an abuse of the kosher consumer by Gefen & their certifier.

Gefen canned Salmon, is from wild salmon which also has the anisakis worms, yet neither Gefen nor their certifier made a recall nor take any responsibility.

Raisins are an infested item, yet Gefen & their certifier did not make a recall and refuse to take any responsibility.

Barley by Gefen (also certified by the same certifier) were found to be infested, yet no recall, no responsibility of the certifier.

The same certifier is on "Sea-Castle" which sells flounder & other fish that have an issue of infestation of the anisakis worms.

Some of the so called Heimish hashgochas refused to take responsibility for Yoshon. Yoshon requirement has been gaining by many kosher consumers.   

Recently the CRC's Hisachdus Harabonim (Brooklyn) started taking responsibility for Yoshon as well. Brooklyn based Heimish Organization does certify many bakeries in the NY Metro area where many of the yoshon customers reside.

Nirbarter Ruv, M.B. Klein (Alle, Dependable,, Kemach, etc) among some other Heimish hashgochas always were straight forward re: yoshon status.

The Gefen Certifier refuses to have anything to do with yoshon or infestation, the kosher consumer can change defiance to compliance.

Keep making those calls and choose hashgochas and products more to you kashrus standards.

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