Friday, February 04, 2011

Remember Pesach Cocoa, vinegar, etc? What's this year?

Remember Pesach Cocoa last year? What's this year? Will this year be any improvements? If we can get the heimish Hashgochas (& the OK) to have at least a basic "OU" standard? What's that?

For Pesach, have a full time mashgiach that reads, writes & is fluent in English. Arives prior to production with enough time to ascertain if all of the requirements are being met without just relying on "I though, he said, Oh!, etc".

If it's from China don't write product of USA, etc The variables are endless.

 "For that extra heimish name & price" , give the kosher consumer that which he thinks he's getting. Will you mashgiach or certifier use the product for Pesach may be some guideline.

We don't like what we are seeing.  Can we all do without all of those products for 1 week?

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