Saturday, March 26, 2011

Beef, Solomon's & Fishel's, what's the story

Solomon's and Fishel's beef is currently certified by the "Skver" hashgocha.

The Fishel's brand is strictly Bais Yosef. Fishel's does not use anything past the 9th rib, not do they use the plate, skirt steak, hangers, etc, as there are numerous issues of Chelev, etc.

Solomon's under Skver hashgocha, has Bais Yosef & Glatt, they do use upto & including the the 12th rib, all meat between 12 & 13 is not used. They also use the Plate, skirt, hangers, etc after treiboring.

The staff consists of a high caliber as you would expect in a good shechita.

Teva under Rav Miller is a reccomended shechita, should not be confused with Tevya's under Rav Weismandel which should not be used.

Alle North America is reccomended, and should not be confused with their South American beef.
Continental beef from Canada is also reccomended at this time.
Lamm's beef is still not recomended.

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