Friday, April 01, 2011

OU, Kof-K "P", Pesach productions

ALERT: Warning: It seems that by the Heimish hashgochas, the OU, Kof-K, OK, etc are "rubberstamping" the heimish ones without so much as even receiving a copy of the mashgiach's report (if there was a mashgiach?) Update: The Kof-k has communicated to us that they do have either their mashgiach present or they receive reports of every production done with a Heimish Hashgocha.

The OU & the Kof-K Pesach productions (designated by the letter"P") has hashgocha temidis.

There are certain items that are are kosher for Pesach all year e.g. Hershey's cocoa powder those don't have Hashgocha Temidis.

There are certain items that don't require a mashgiach temidi even for pesach as the manufacturer & the process wouldn't require it.
Many have decided to use for Pesach items with Hashgocha temidis, even when it's not the Heimish brands. Price was not the only reason.

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