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If you can't find an Israeli or OU-, Kof-K "P", then use the following

PESACH 5771 RECOMENDED LIST (for sefardim with * )Recomended PESACH PRODUCTS- Must say kosher for Passover or OU-P
UPDATE: OU-"P", Kof-k "P" without any other certification.

ASPIRIN-Wallgreens only w/ bar codes 311917037424/ 311917037417

ALUMINUM FOIL- All year Hashgocha-Any

*Baby formula- MATERNA from Israel (separate keilim)Not available in USA-J&J

Baking powder-Mishpacha, Bakers Choice, Gefen, OU-P

Borsht- Gefen

Cake Cookies-Schick’s, oberlander, Bake master

CANDIES- Bdatz Yerusalem, Rabbi Illowitz, Brazil,

CHEESE, CREAM, BUTTER- J & J, Mehadrin,Haolam, Norman’s

Chocolate, Chocolate chips-Mishpacha, Bakers Choice

COCOA Powder Hersheys, cocoa mix-Mishpacha -Don't use SHUFRA-cocoa Powder

COFFEE INSTANT- Tasters choice unflavored, Geffen, any OU-P


CONFECTIONary SUGAR- Mishpacha, Gefen , Glick

CRANBERRY JUICE COCKTAIL & sauce-Mishpacha, Gefen, Kedem

CROCK POT LINERS- Geula, Fantastic, reynolds

FISH- King of the Sea, Dagim Gefilte only, Meal Mart, Fishy Neiman, Freunds, A&B, Royal

FLAVOR EXTRACT- Bakers Choice, Gefen


FROZEN VEGETABLES- Brocolli, Spinach, Cauliflower-NONE

Frozen strawberries- with hashgocha & must be pureed.

FRUIT CANNED-Mishpacha, Gefen , Glick

Garlic Frozen- Gefen, OU-P

GRAPE JUICE- Mishpacha, Gefen, Kedem,

GROCERY ITEMS- Mishpacha,Masbia, Hadar, Meal Mart, Glick, Gefen,

Gold’s products with OU-P- HONEY- Mishpacha, Brodt, Gefen, Glick

Horse Radish- Flaum, Tuv Taam

Hotel for Pesach- Greenwald's Long island (Rav Szmerla), Tower 41 Florida

ICE CREAM- Mehadrin, Kleins

JUICE- Golden Flow, Mishpacha, New Square, Lakewood farms, Natures own (if made in Bayonne, NJ) Kedem

KETCHUP- Mishpacha, gefen, Glick

KUGELS- Meal Mart

LEBEN, YOGURT- Mehadrin, J&J, J&J strawberry is from liquid

LIQUOR-Slivovitz, Tam Pree, Carmel

MATZOS-HAND only- Pupa-Tzeleim-prefered, Matzos Binyomin-hand only, MACHINE MATZOS- None

MACAROONS- Oberlanders, Gefen

MARGARINE-Eden, J&J, Mehadrin, Mothers, Haolam ,"Stick-Not Tubs"


MAYONAISE- Mishpacha, Gefen,Glick

MEAT- Fishels, Solomons. Alle North America,  Continental (Canada), Rockland Kosher, Satmar butchers BP, Fltbs, Willy, Continental butcher Monsey, Kosher Village,.

NO- Tevya's, Lamm's, Alle S. America, Agri Star (Rav Meisels)

MILK-Golden Flow, Pride of the farm (all milked before pesach), New Square,

NUTS-Bakers choice, Klein’s, OU-P

OIL-Cotton-seed, Roberts, Pereg, Manischewitz, Mishpacha, Masbia, Hadar, Glick, Gefen, Nut-Ola

OIL-HAZELNUT- Taamon w/ aidah, Gefen, lieber

OLIVE OIL-GEFEN Pesach-(made a production with hahgocha from press through bottling) Aida


POULTRY- Pella, Mehadrin, Skver, Kiryas Joel, Vineland,

PICKLES- Flaum, Tuv Taam

POTATO CHIPS- Blooms NOT Bloomys, schwartz

POTATO STARCH- Mishpacha, E&S, Gefen, OU-P

POTATOES-INSTANT/MASHED- Mishpacha, dependable, OU-P

PRALINE PASTE- Bakers choice

*RICE-For sfardim that use rice- LUNDBERGS

ROASTING BAGS- Geula, Reynolds

ROMAINE LETTUCE- positive- All others require washing & checking No Romaine whole heads, No Romaine Hearts


Spices- Pereg , Mishpacha, Masbia, R&L, Hadar, Glick.

SUGAR-White granulated USA W/ Pesach e.g. Domino

SALT non-iodized-W/ Pesach

SELTZER-UNFLAVORED-with a pesach hashgacha

SELTZER FLAVORED-OU-P, Vintage all flavors “P”

SOAP PADS- Mishpacha, Geulah, Gefen, Rokeach, OU-P

SODA- American dry, Be’er Mayim, Caffeine free Coca Cola, Classic Cola,  Mayim Chaim, Mae Tovim, Pepsi W Bdatz, Seagrams, Sprite ALL W/ PESACH HASHGOCHA

TEA INSTANT-Swee-Touch-Nee, Wisottzky, Nestea, LIPTON

TEA BAGS-Lipton, Pathmark, Shoprite, wisotzky, Gefen

TOMATO PRODUCTS-Mishpacha, Gefen-TOOTHPASTE Personal items- Zohar, Adwe

TOPPING-Eden, Mishpacha-VANILA SUGAR-Mishpacha, Bakers Choice, Gefen-VEGETABLES CANNED- Mishpacha, Gefen

Vinegar Balsamic- KEDEM Not Bartenura-VINEGAR- Mishpacha, Kedem

WINE-Carmel, NYS Kedem w/ Tzelem, Carmel wines, Bdatz Yeruslm Hashgocha wines, Yaain Hameshbuch Rav Wagshal, Rabbi zegbachs.

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