Sunday, May 22, 2011

Should one rely on the following Organization?

A recent Kashrus report was just released by the following group;
ימי הספירה שנת תשע"א לפ"ק-"ױ"ל ע"י חבורת לחקר הכשרות-מאנסי, נ.י

We don't know who they are, therefore we can't know the extent of their knowledge in kashrus and can't give any credence to their conclusions.
 From what we read of their report (between the lines), we were not impressed, each one should draw their own conclusions.

From a comment-Anonymous said...
In Eretz Yisroel they do an annual opinion poll in the reliable kashrus organizations.
They ask a few thousand people, who's your first, second & third choice in deciding who's kashrus you'll buy. They publish those results. That's what these Monsey people should have done.

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