Friday, May 06, 2011

Which facts are true? you decide!

Do they allow all experts to visit their facility? No.
Do they allow all Rabbonim to visit their facilities? No.
Is everything grown in greenhouses insect free? No.
Are all of Eden's products grown in hothouses? No.
They are using spinach not grown in hot houses, are they checking every one? No.
Do their Strawberries grow in hot houses? No.
Do they have "20-insect-expert mashgichim"?
Are there 20 insect expert mashgichim anywhere? No.
Are hothouses an "insect free" enviroment? No
Bertram owns "Eden" and "B'Tam" brands-908-862-8200
Shmuel Dovid Edelstein is employed by Bertram takes care of hiring Mashgichim, setting up the productions, etc
KAJ- Rabbi Moshe Edelstein-845-425-9089
Nirbarter Rav-718-851-1221

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