Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Frozen Spinach, can it be used if it's pureed?

Frozen Spinach-with a Hashgocha, can it be used if it's pureed?
A certain Hashgocha went to a southern New Jersey plant for Frozen Spinach. He took only when the weather in April was still cool, insect clean truck loads, first load of the week after water change & cleanup .

The reason of First load of the week because the infested water is recuirculated on to the product. They foun interestingly that all of the trucks they rejected because of infestation was taken by other Hashgochas. The other hashgochas also took later in to the season as well which was defintly infested. They observed the other Hashgochas did not have somone checking after the washing either.

We don't think that even pureed would permit the frozen spinach to be used.

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