Monday, May 21, 2012

Ultrasonic cleaning for vegetables?

There was an article recently re: Ultrasonic cleaning for infestation.
Ultrasonic cleaning is used extensively in the Jewelry and dental fields. It's base on some theories of a Transducer and the vibrations & sound waves will usually loosen the dirt, especially with created bubbles that implode.
It works best with warm water and a solution additive.

It works fine in the Jewelry & dental field, why not in the removal of insects from vegetables? There are numerous types of insect in fruits and vegetables. The miner is embedded inside, ultrasound will not dislodge it. In Cauliflower they are also embedded in the florets. in strawberries the thrips will hide under the seeds, ultrasound will not dislodge them. The Aphid injects the probis into the vegetable & will not be dislodged. Warm water will ruin the vegetable or fruit. In theory it sounds as "the solution", but we are doubtful of the outcome that it may work.

There was a certifier on a fish company that was asked how does he certify a fish monger without a full time Mashgiach present? I have an electronic wand & I make unannounced inspections. When I pass the wand over the stacks of fish and there is a non kosher specie the wand beeps. "WOW"! How do you know it works?
Oh, it never beeped.

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