Sunday, September 18, 2011

An Email, "Why the Hashgocha changed at a popular fish company"?

NOTE: We stopped contacting dagim re: kashrus issues, as they were told by their certifier not to respond.

To Rav Shain; why did Rabbi Spiegel leave DAGIM?

Read all the attachments they are true actual copies of production records from a company (Think they're called National) in the Boston area where Dagim fries their fish. Look over the records and follow the dates explained here.

1. Yom Kippur, 5766, 10/13/05. Dagim 900 Cases, 4 Oz. Unbreaded Pollock fish.

2. Erev Shabbos & Shabbos Ha’azinu 5766, 10/14/05. Dagim 980 Cases, 4 Oz. Unbreaded Pollock fish.
3. Tuesday V'Eschanon, 11 AV, 5765 8/16/05. "Sea Diamond" (part of Dagim as you see in this attachment) 200 Cases Fish Cakes. This company Kashers on Sunday. Why was this produced on Tuesday? Because it was done without any Mashgiach?.

4. Thursday Nitzovim, 25 Elul, 5765, 9/29/05. Dagim 400 Cases 4 Oz. Unbreaded Pollock fish. If it was koshered on Sunday, why was it produced on Thursday? Because it was done without any Mashgiach,again?.

5. Tuesday Eikev, 18 Av 5765. 8/23/05. 50 Cases 4 Oz. Flounder. Same issue as in #3. (for 50 cases, they don’t send a mashgiach)

6. Tuesday Achrei-Kedoishim, 4 Iyar, 5766, 5/2/06, 12 different items were produced for Sea Diamond & Dagim. Same issue as in #3.

7. Monday Nitzovim, 22 Elul 5765, 9/26/05. "Sea Diamond" (part of Dagim as you see in this attachment), 900 Cases Pollock fish. This was made in between TREIF fish as you see the codes. No mashgiach? (Treif).

8. Monday, Sazria/Metzora, 26 Nissan 5766, See production sequence. Treif, Sea Diamond, Treif, Dagim, Sea Diamond, Treif, Sea Diamond. For sure without Mashgiach?

9. 3rd day chol hamoed Pesach, 19 Nissan, 5765 4/28/05. Codes show this date. "Sea Diamond" Breaded Fish Cakes.

After finding these reports and determining that they were all TREIF, Rabbi Spiegel promptly resigned. For some puzzling unexplained reason he did NOT publicize it. I doubt if he will admit, he’s afraid of them all.

You know who took over that supervision? and who continues to cover up for Dagim? The present heimish hashgucha will never remove a hashgucha because of kashrus only because of money issues. Dagim is paying them a lot of (hush) money.

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