Sunday, November 06, 2011

Expired & spoiled food items, how common is it?

From an EMAIL;
(Please post without my name as a subject that I would be interested in seeing others comment on).

I am wondering about whether a grocery store must Halachically inform buyers when a product they are selling is potentially spoiled and certainly not up to accepted norms for sale, i.e. near or beyond the expiration date. This has happened to me several times at one store in town, and I really think something should be done about it.

I am talking about NPGS putting out of date items for sale without any notification that they are expired or worse, spoiled. In this case, I purchased some oatmeal packets in a Quaker box - it was on sale for a dollar off, not quite a great bargain, but I figured, why not? In this case, the expiration date is embossed on the box and hard to read on a good day, much less so in that dark store.

I come home and now see that the product expiration date is September 2011. Not only is it EXPIRED, but most normal stores have the same item with expiration dates in 2013. And by the way, their regular price at Shoprite is the same as NPGS's price on sale! I really think it is disgusting to do business this way, especially since I now have to go back to the store for a refund.

Shouldn't consumers have the right to expect what they purchase is in the normal range for freshness? Should we be expected to check every item for a date, when in normal circumstances, such as in a regular supermarket, you would never think of doing this?

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