Thursday, August 23, 2012

KASHRUS Alert: Post raisin Bran cereal- NPGS Bargain days

Update: NPGS says theirs was checked by whom they consider to be mumchim & expert in raisins as well, we are not yet convinced.

KASHRUS Alert: All Raisin bran cereals, including Post raisin Bran cereal's (even when it's on sale). The raisins are sundried raisins. All Raisins have an infestation problem especially the sun dried raisins.

Some stores are running sales on it, don't buy it.
Very few in kashrus are qualified in checking for infestation.
Don't trust the ones that think they know how to check.
NOTE: If they would use currants it would be a different story.

All domestic sundried & oven dried raisins are infested. Yellows may have less, nonetheless they do have. S. African have less, but aren't clean. Some claimed oven dried yet they were found to be infested, the reason being that they were first field dried (infested) then they finished drying them in an oven.

Post uses the regular raisins not the claimed "oven dried", which most raisin bran companies use "the regular raisins". Even the "oven dried" are first partially dried in the open field & are also infested.

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