Sunday, February 12, 2012

The SCOOP & Voice of Lakewood's Rabonim approve of advertising "Treif" eateries?

Others are pulling their ads from the voice & the SCOOP-WHY not "U"?
The Voice of Lakewood's Rabonim and the Lakewood -SCOOP approve of advertising "Treif" eateries? Therefore; Don't advertise, don't read, discard & protest.
We wrote to them, they said their Rabonim.....
There is no "cholo-stam" anymore. Since the Veternerian procedures all non-cholv yisroel is "CHOEV-TREIF". Per the piskei Rav eliyashev, Rav Wosner & all othe gedolie Haposkim. The mere fact that others are consuming Cholov Treif & think it's Cholov stam doesn't change the fact nor the severity of the "issur". 

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