Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The AIDAH Yerushalem tread$ on new turf

מאושר  APPROVED !????

When a product does not meet the strict guidelines of the Aidah, but there are leniencies that can be relied upon, etc it becomes מאושר approved not under the Hashgocha per se.

e.g. Frozen checked strawberries from China, the Aidah will not certify it for home use, but for commercial use (food service / bakeries) it will most likely be baked or cooked so it will be nisrasek....it becomes approved.

Let's see how many hundreds of items may fall into the new category. Will they be "mi'asher", bitul bi'shishim, kitnious she'nish'tanu, linas lai'lah, aino ben yomoi, pas palter, etc?

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