Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Talk in the kosher industry

Mehadrin / Vineland poultry was unable to swallow the losses due to the "tzomes-hagidin" issues. The percentages were too high to absorb. The east coast poultry farmers have the issue which is caused by a virus.

Empire poultry is taking over Mehadrin / Vineland company. They will close it up and only produce at the empire plant. Empire does currently about 60,ooo @ day. Mehadrin was doing 35,000 2 day. Empire it the good times did over 100,000@ day. The equipment was dismantled & sold for scrap.

The Nirbarter Rav will also be certifying the entire plant. It's rumored that Alle is heavily invested in the Empire plant. Over time they changed the Shoichtim to "platchik hats". So the Mehadrin Shoichtim will not be hired by empire. We guess Rav Gruber's woul not be needed anymore.

We attempted to detirmine the system in place re: the status of Tzomes Hagidin is at the Empire plant. A few days ago we contacted the OU, the Nirbarter Rav & KAJ. Only the OU responded.

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