Friday, March 01, 2013

צומת הגידין is a serious issue of טריפות "Treifus" KASHRUS ALERT- UPDATE

צומת הגידין is a serious issue of טריפות "Treifus".
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Empire, Meal Mart / Alle, Malchus, etc are all processed at the same plant that raises their own poultry. There are צומת הגידין issues.

The best shoichet can't make a treif chicken kosher.

Kiryas Joel, Dave Elliot, Agri Star, Aarons, Marvid etc don't raise their own poultry.

Most poultry plants get their live poultry from various growers. When they find an issue with "tzomes-hagidin", they use different growers that don't have the problem.

One processor (Empire/Mealmart/Alle/Malchus) raises their own poultry, when there is a problem with "tzomes hagidin" they don't have the option of using other growers.
End result- may have serious Kashrus issues.

Your options / choices are therefore limited!

WHY?, The Satmar (Zalman Leib's) & the Volover use the Alle/Empire poultry even though there are other processors that don't have these serious issues.


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Maybe you check your facts before shooting?
satmar (R'zalmen leib) is now only selling ONLY Marvid chickens, they used to sell Vineland and mehadrin as well, but they closed down, so they only carry Marvid.

Anonymous said...

The Zolies (zalman Leib) did use for a long time & still do use Nirbater/Empire poultry.

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Anonymous Mar 05, 06:06:00 PM 2013 happens to be right.

I just checked, the satmer butchers (zalmen) don't have any other chicken or poultry than marvid.

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When Aaron teitelbaum (Monroe) spoke that the Zolies are using chickens with the Tzomes hagin problem, that was from nirbarter/empire.

Now TODAY he doesn't use it because of the bizyounus? yasher koach.

But the Dole lettuce the zolies moisdois do use, that's worse that the chicken.

Anonymous said...

Satmar Willi never used Meal Mart / Empire chicken, they had choice of 3, Marvid, Vineland & Mehadrin, now there's only Marvid, where tzoimas hagidin is not a problem B"H.

Regarding what Aaron Teitelbaum said in his drasha is irrelevant & I don't wanna go into discussion of low & dirty politics, facts are relevant, the rest is shtuyot.

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Satmar Willy (Zolies) use Dole lettuce, what a shanda und bisha. How low can one go in kashrus? Who's in control? No one I guess.

Willy used Bater? so they used Empire Bater chickens with Tzomes problems. Fardrei nisht.

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The reason for tsumes hagidin problems is that they are grown too quickly. They all have other problems as well on every single limb. They are like a nine year old on a three year old limbs. They would die anyway in a short time if not killed. They are all treifa.

Anonymous said...

It is impossible to check all the things mentioned there.
That alone that they would die if not shechted is enough to make them traife.