Friday, October 19, 2012

UPDATE: MealMart/Alle, Empire & Aarons (see NOTE)

Empire, MealMart/Alle have a dilemma "in the eyes of the Kosher Consumer" are the kashrus standards being raised or lowered? They will have to leave it to the capable Rabbis, namely Alle's Rabbi Jacobowitz & Empire's Rabbi Rokeach.

And the kosher consumer will decide.

We have recently offered $3,000.00 for anyone that can tell us any significant kashrus difference between the MealMart/Alle & Empire chicken.-NO ONE CLAIMED THE BOUNTY!

The problem Of Tzomes Hagidin (which is a TREIF issue) was addressed in a previous article re: Empire, MealMart/Alle V Aarons poultry (Aaron's does not have any of those issues). Many have therefore lately switched to the Aaron brand of poultry.

NOTE: We aren't advocating for anyone, just presenting the behind the scenes facts, not theories.
For those that asked re: Aaron's Lubavitch.....One thing is clear there aren't any meshichistim there anymore, under the previous it was full of meshchistim.

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RAM said...

Breslovers daven to HaShem, not to their Rebbe ZT"L