Thursday, December 20, 2012

Should we accept the (sub)standard? לטהר השרץ עם ק"ן טעמים UPDATE:

Bodek and the Kof-K use this unaccetable standard!
לטהר השרץ בק"ן וכו 

NOTE: We wrote to Hisachdus prior to posting , they did not care to respond, which is not unusual. They beleive they don't have to answer to the kosher consumers.

1-Certifier standards by Bodek-Only insects larger than 1.2 mm are forbidden (אסור) because anything smaller than 1.2 mm is not considered visible to the naked human eye.

The fallacy? The "series date" on the Unites States dollar is a mere "1 mm" and it can be seen very easily.  Check it out.

The Dollar denomination is more than 1.2 mm, that's what counts.

Optomotrists say that the naked human eye with 20/20 sight can see "0.3" mm from a distance of 12 inches.
"Milbin" aka mites, are less than 0.5 mm, and is brought in various halachas that they are forbidden insects.

Harav Moshe Vaye (the world's expert on insects) writes in his books on insects that 0.3 mm is definitly considered visible to the naked human eye. Rav Shlomo Zalman Aurebach, Z"L also said that much less than 0.5 mm is forbidden.

Bodek's certifiers standards are guided by the unrealisic 1.2 mm size. Therefore they are giving to the kosher consumer vegetables that are forbidden  אסור.

Hisachdus et al also accepts that anyone can be a mashgiach for infestation even if he doesn't have very good eyesight. The Chasam Sofer states clearly "excellent eyesight, special designated qualified individual". Hisachdus et al evidently disagrees.

A אדם בינוני with regular eyesight is not an acceptable mashgiach for infestation, which is the current standard by them.

You need a properly trained mumcha, excellent eyesight, יראת שמים , etc with proper standards not any 1.2 mm standards.

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