Thursday, February 21, 2013

UPDATE: "Bet Yosef" Meat sources

"Bet Yosef" Meat sources:

2- Solomons- must be labeled "Bet Yosef".
3-Kiryas Joel "Monroe beef"- available in Monroe butcher & Ave J flatbush, New Utrecht, Borough park.

(5- Alle/Meal Mart-from Aurora plant in Chicago.must be labeled "Bet Yosef")


Anonymous said...

Klausenberg has a fleish gesheft under the Rebbe's hashgocho at 4720 New Utrecht in BP.

Anonymous said...

Alle's bais yosef is bais yosef like hebrew nationals kosher is kosher.It is one big scam.

Anonymous said...

F.Y.I. ALLE has 2, yes 2 kinds of Bais Yosef meats coming out of Aurora. Who ever heard of this mishigas. G-d bless Teitelbaum and Jackabowitz.

Anonymous said...

Alle is great at manipulating things as much as they can get away with it and it does not hurt their image. The two things they care about are money and image, sadly kashrus is not one of them.The only time they care about kashrus is when it stars affecting their image.

Anonymous said...

What do you hold of these shechitos?

Boro Park:

- R' Tzvi Ashkenazy
- Burshteener Ruv
- Belzer Dayanim (Kedas Poultry, Haddas fleish, Eida meat & poultry)
Bistritzer Ruv (Weiss fleish gesheft)


- Pupa Dayan R' Aron Grunwald
- Sengeorge Dayan R' Ezriel Meyer Kohn (Cohn Live Poultry)
- Dubenker Dayan R' Yaakov Yuda Pollak (Cohn's self-service fleish gesheft)


R' Yoshiyahu Shammah of Egyptian or Lebanese Sefardim Ave T (Rhosey / Rose Gourmet)


R' Yechiel Steinmetz (Mehuderes chicken)


Bnai Yoel Dayan R' Shimon Moishe Waldman (Hatzluche fleish gesheft)

Anonymous said...

Pupa dayan? which shechita? poultry, beef, veal, etc?
All the others are pretty much all the same. You forgeted spiegel, and palachik meged avruhum, belsky, stolin,ver noch?

Ma Hadash? said...

Alle added Rav Hatchuel to their line up of hashgochos.

Whatever effort they won't spend on improving kashrus is diverted to increasing sales to Sfardishe

Anonymous said...

Pupa dayan on Pupa fleish gesheft

Anonymous said...

Not easy to find many of these shechitos, like KAJ & Chassidei Boyan shechted in Carteret.

Anonymous said...

Is International / Globex still allowing from any source like Rubashkin?

I was originally surprised that the Debriciner would allow it. And even more surpised after learning that there are numerous rabbonei machshir besides the Debriciner on this brand like the Tevuos Shor Rov R' Yitzchok Lazer Jakob, the Vizhnitz Willy Dayan R' Yaakov Zeide and R' Yitzchok Stein who is both Faltishener Rov and Raavad Karlsburg.

Satmar GPS said...

It's a little confusing as which Satmar shechita is which.

From what I can tell, they are split up like this..

Willy Dayan R' YCM Friedman & BP Dayan R' CD Katz are on the gesheften of 5023 New Utrecht, 80 Lee Ave & 4525 16th Ave. The fleish from the above is going to the caterers at VaYoel Moishe, Beis Ruchel, Beis Brucha Sima & Sameach Tesamach. These caterers are under the hashgocho of R' MR Itzkowitz, R' RC Steinberg, R' Y Lieberman & R' SS Spitz.

Now mach havdula and you have the next group

Dayan Leibish Teitelbaum is on the gesheften at 187 Ross St & 684 Myrtle Ave.

Associated with him is Dayan Moishe Friedman on the gesheft at 5301 New Utrecht & on Ave J.

Also associated is Dayan ES Leichtag on a distributor called Satmar Meat & Poultry.

Are you saying you wouldn't eat in all the chassuna halls that get their fleish from the first group?

Flatbush said...

I have a funny feeling that Rose Gourmet is either Rubashkin or Puretz's shechita, or at least used to be because Rabbi Gornish was certifying together with Rabbi Shammah at the beginning.

Israel Mayer Steinberg said...

Hey, why aren't I on any of these lists?

What does a guy have to do to gain credibility around here? Maybe I should call down the Queens Vaad to check out my shechita