Wednesday, February 13, 2013

UPDATE: Heimish Hashgocha allows infestation for the right price

Heimish Hashgocha allows infestation for the right price.

They allow Klein's Naturals to keep selling the infested "sunflower seeds".

They allow Bodek to keep selling the Garni-bags that allow insects to crawl through.

from a comment: A few months ago a company with a Heimish  hashgucha had a major kashrus issue and as usually glick made sure the story should be covered up… one mashgiach couldn’t swallow this so he called rav weinberger and told him the story… a few days later glick managed to find out who spoke with rav weinberger and he was immediately fired from his job with a warning that if he knows what’s good for him he should better keep his mouth shut… Now all mashgichim are afraid to talk, they don’t want to lose their jobs


Anonymous said...

Does money come through with the insects? If so I guess it is Kosher, at least as Kosher as anything else in Satmar, like the KJ ducks, & Finkels KJ chickens, afterall does it make a difference where the fraud occurs when the consumer gets treif instead of kOSHER.
I will BL"N continue to be machmir on using Empire as long as I could afford it, NPGS/KJ/Chaburah/Meyuchad or whatever you call it smells of Satmar too much for me, not to say I don't eat it, because here in KCL town that is all what is available until the next scandel of course. BTW then too nothing will change other than Dollars changing hands & possibly names of some of the crooks.
Satmar is so big with so many manipulators, and controlers taht unless you are inside & well connected how is it possible to know for real what is going on?
There are some tzadikim in Satmer too, and it has all sorts, kinds & shapes like anyone else, but when people get absolute power..

Anonymous said...

what kind of bugs are in sunflower seeds? how do you identify them?

Anonymous said...

no matter what you will say, people will always think that hisachdus is the best...
hisachdus = the best hashgucha